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- Space monkeys star in magazine...
January 1, 1997

- Space monkeys star in magazine

London, England-based TWA Fun Factory is releasing a one-off Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys magazine based on the animated television series. Available in the U.K. only, the magazine features an adaptation of the first two television episodes, profiles of the main characters, a coloring book, a pullout poster and a contest to win Space Monkeys toys from Bluebird Toys. It has a retail value of £2.50 (US$4.10). The television series airs on ITV in the U.K., and is syndicated by Bohbot Entertainment & Media in the U.S.

-MCA adopts Chipmunks

MCA has signed a deal with Bagdasarian Productions giving MCA exclusive distribution, production and development rights for all existing and future Chipmunks product.

Under the deal, MCA acquires a 35-percent equity interest in Bagdasarian Productions, the family-run company that created Alvin, Simon and Theodore Chipmunk in 1958. MCA receives exclusive distribution rights to all Chipmunks properties for all media. So far, the much-loved animated rodents have recorded 11 albums and have appeared in 104 half-hour TV shows, five TV specials, a feature film and a series of home videos. The contract was signed for a 10-year period, and may be extended beyond that time frame, as long as MCA continues to own at least 25 percent of the company.

Says Sandy Climan, executive vice president of MCA, ‘The Chipmunks will serve as one of the principal building blocks toward realizing MCA’s goal of creating a fully integrated children’s entertainment business.’ The contract also gives MCA ‘first look’ rights on all other existing and future Bagdasarian properties.

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