Special Report ­ MIP’ Asia: B.R.B. concentrates on shows with a ‘universal theme’

B.R.B. Internacional is attending MIP' Asia for the first time this year, and it is approaching with caution....
December 1, 1996

B.R.B. Internacional is attending MIP’ Asia for the first time this year, and it is approaching with caution.

‘For us, [the Asian market] is very unknown,’ says Pablo Chamorro, commercial manager for B.R.B.

B.R.B. is using MIP’ Asia as a launching pad to develop an extensive presence for its children’s programs and to learn about licensing and merchandising in the region.

From the company’s previous dealings with Asian clients, Chamorro has observed that ‘the animation and the kind of action are quite different in Asia.’ For this reason, it is concentrating on five of its nearly 20 animated children’s series for presentations at MIP’ Asia.

Chamorro believes the universal themes of these shows will work to B.R.B.’s advantage in this market. ‘We think that’s one of the keys to success: trying to find productions that are made for all people all over the world.’

Among the five series is The New World of the Gnomes (see page 34 in KidScreen’s October issue). Nature and environmental issues, which are the subjects of the program, are of concern to people around the world, says Chamorro. The Mozart Band, featuring a gang of kids who play a combination of rock and classical music, will likely be a hit because classical music is well known the world over. The three other series are The Untouchables of Elliot Mouse, Teo and Mort & Phil.

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