Special Report ­ MIP’ Asia: Fox Lorber takes a ‘general store’ approach

Fox Lorber has fed the Asian market a steady diet of programming that can be localized on a territory-by-territory basis....
December 1, 1996

Fox Lorber has fed the Asian market a steady diet of programming that can be localized on a territory-by-territory basis.

In terms of dollars, European sales may outweigh similar activity in Asia, but the volume of shows the company sells in Asia is much higher than in any other region. That makes the Asian market equally as important as any other international market for the New York-based distributor, according to Ed Galton, manager, international sales.

Galton is going to MIP’ Asia to further relationships with Asian broadcasters first made at MIPCOM.

Fox Lorber likens itself to a ‘general store,’ with small boutiques representing different kinds of programming, such as light entertainment, children’s shows and documentaries. At MIP’ Asia, it will be offering two fun-filled, high-energy, action-adventure, reality-type sports programs aimed at the tweens market: Out of Control and High Adventure.

In both cases, Fox Lorber will encourage buyers to create local versions of these shows, provided they stay within certain guidelines.

‘It’s more beneficial to place the product in the marketplace that way,’ Galton says. ‘We represent product that’s adaptable for the entire international market. We’d much prefer to offer product you can take and personalize to your own market, because it makes it a more valuable product.’

The Asian market has grown quickly, and Galton believes that it already rivals other international markets, such as Latin America and Western Europe, in terms of technology. The result is that Asian buyers expect quality shows that will deliver solid ratings and advertisers.

‘It’s refreshing to know that all over the world, there is a demand for high-quality product that’s going to drive advertising revenue,’ Galton says.

Galton adds that as the Asian market grows more sophisticated, companies will have to become more strategic about how they penetrate the region, because local broadcasters will be relying more and more on their own domestic products.

With a strategy of providing programming that can easily be adapted to these markets, Fox Lorber believes it will continue to build strong relationships in Asia that will guarantee its presence in the region as the market continues to mature.

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