People in New Jobs: Lisa Judson, Senior Vice President, Creative Director and Chief of Staff, Nickelodeon International

Career At A Glance...
December 1, 1996

Career At A Glance

- Earned a BA from The State University of New York and an MA from The Annenberg School of Communication at The University of Pennsylvania.

- Began her career at NBC and moved on to various production positions at Lifetime Television and A&E. Produced You’re on the Air With Dr. Ruth at Lifetime and Behind the Scenes with A&E at A&E.

- Joined Fox Television and eventually became director of creative services for A Current Affair, acting as department head for on-air promotion for this nationally syndicated show.

- Joined Nickelodeon in 1992 as vice president and creative director of Nickelodeon International, where she was responsible for the international development of the Nickelodeon brand across new networks.

The New Job

- Appointed senior vice president, creative director and chief of staff of Nickelodeon International, where she manages the marketing, administrative and research strategies. Judson works closely with the managing directors of Nickelodeon UK, Germany and Australia on all management issues and directs the development of the Nickelodeon brand for new business activities outside the U.S.

The Challenge

- ‘One of the greatest challenges we face as we take Nickelodeon global is how to build the brand worldwide while preserving our policy of creating programming and product from a local kids’ point of view. It is critical in every market and new business we enter that we conduct extensive research on the tastes and preferences of kids in the respective country. Listening to kids is what has made us so successful in the U.S., and we need to remember it as we continue to expand worldwide.’

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