Warner charges ahead with Kid Rhino

First it was Kids' WB!, the television network, and now Warner Bros. is after the children's audio entertainment market with the launch of Kids' WB! Music....
October 1, 1996

First it was Kids’ WB!, the television network, and now Warner Bros. is after the children’s audio entertainment market with the launch of Kids’ WB! Music.

The new audio label is a joint venture between Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Kid Rhino, a division of Rhino Entertainment.

Kids’ WB! Music will develop children’s music products featuring classic Warner Bros. characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety and Sylvester, as well as Warner Bros. Television personalities from shows such as Animaniacs and characters from Warner Bros. feature films.

The first release, Space Jam Audio Action-Adventure based on the Warner Bros. movie Space Jam, will be in stores Oct. 15. It incorporates the voices of basketball star Michael Jordan and actors James Belushi and Danny DeVito. The package will come with a 28-page comic-style read-along book with a CD or tape.

Other projects for 1996 include an audio magazine for preteens featuring Space Jam’s Lola Bunny, a Pinky & The Brain album, a Bugs & Friends Sing Elvis release and The Quest For Camelot, an audio action-adventure based on the Warner Bros. animated feature to be released in October 1997.

Kid Rhino vice president Torrie Dorrell will oversee the joint-venture label’s operations from Kid Rhino’s West Los Angeles offices. While product will be jointly developed between Warner Bros. and Kid Rhino, production, marketing, publicity, promotion and sales will be handled by Rhino.

Rhino Entertainment founded Kid Rhino in February 1991 to create and market audio and video family entertainment products.

Kid Rhino is also the official music licensee for Hanna-Barbera, DIC Entertainment and Fisher-Price.

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