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key people and companies in this issue...
June 1, 1996

key people and companies in this issue

advertising & promotion

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Capital Cities/ABC Inc., New York, New York, Veronica Pollard or Susan Raisch, 212-456-6171

Bohbot Entertainment, New York, New York, 212-213-2700

USA Network, New York, New York, David Schwarz, 212-408-9100

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Griffin Bacal, New York, New York, Bob Horne, 212-337-6410

licensing & merchandising

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Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation, Hollywood, California, 213-463-2331

Page 10

Surge Comic Properties, Jericho, New York, 516-939-2225

MTM, Studio City, California, Donna Landau, 818-755-2460

The Copyright Promotions Licensing Group, London, England, 171-580-7431

Marvel Entertainment Group, New York, New York, Grazia Daddi, 212-576-9394/Wilson Sporting Goods, Chicago, Illinois, 312-714-6700

DIC Entertainment, Burbank, California, 818-955-5400

Page 11

Hearst Entertainment, New York, New York, Steve Herman, 212-455-4000

special sections

Page 12 Promax

Cartoon Network, Atlanta, Georgia, 404-827-1700

Claster TV, Baltimore, Maryland, 410-561-5500

KCAL, Los Angeles, California, 213-467-5459

KDAF, Dallas, Texas, 214-640-3300

KTVD, Denver, Colorado, 303-792-2020

New Line Television, New York, New York, 212-649-4900

Nickelodeon, New York, New York, 212-258-8000

Saban Entertainment, Los Angeles, California, 310-235-5100

WPHL, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 215-878-1700

WSBK, Boston, Massachusetts, 617-783-3838

Page 17 A Salute to Jerry Sachs

Sachs Family Entertainment, Burbank California, 213-879-4151

Page 46 American Booksellers Association Convention

Jim Henson Productions, New York, New York, 212-794-2400

Scholastic Inc., New York, New York, 212-343-6100

Lyrick Studios, Richardson, Texas, 214-390-6000

Reed Exhibition Companies, Norwalk, Conneticut, 203-840-4800

Turner Publishing, Atlanta, Georgia, 404-885-4114

Warner Bros., Los Angeles, California, 818-954-6000

production, distribution & programming

Page 41

Nickelodeon, New York, New York, Piper Perry or Kerry Tatlock, 212-258-8000

Turner International, Hong Kong, Irene So, 852-2826-4524

France 3, Paris, France, 33-1-42-30-13-13

Page 42

Maine Radio and Television Company, Portland, Maine, Con Fullam, 207-828-6666

Page 44

Matinee Entertainment, Beverly Hills, California, 310-246-9044

AB Productions, Saint-Denis, France, 33-1-49-22-2001

Page 45

DIC Entertainment, Burbank California, 818-955-5400

Children’s Television Workshop, New York, New York, 212-595-3456

Cartoon Studio, Arles, France, 33-90-93-33-44

new media

Page 50

LucasArts Entertainment Company, San Rafael, California, 415-472-3400

Viacom New Media, New York, New York, 212-258-6000

trends & research


Doyle Research Associates, Chicago, Illinois, Lynn Kaladjian, 312-944-4848

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