A Portrait of Jerry Sachs: ‘Work is something he loves to do’ – Richard Sallis

To Richard Sallis, president of Playmates of La Mirada, California, Jerry Sachs is 'a unique individual.'...
June 1, 1996

To Richard Sallis, president of Playmates of La Mirada, California, Jerry Sachs is ‘a unique individual.’

After knowing Sachs for more than 25 years, Sallis describes him as someone who possesses creativity, strong determination, and ‘boundless’ and ‘infectious’ enthusiasm.

‘His work really is not work in the conventional sense. It’s something that he loves to do.’

Plus, Jerry ‘genuinely likes people.’

Sallis first met Sachs in 1970 when he was a product manager for Parker Brothers, the Canadian distributor of Tomy toy products. Sachs Finley & Company was Tomy’s advertising agency.

‘I always remember him presenting the commercials they were working on. Jerry was so animated. He and his partner, Bob Finley, would put on probably the most hysterical presentations of how the commercial would work,’ he recalls. ‘I can’t even remember the specifics of any commercial. I just remember these wild presentations where he was very animated and actually acting out the parts.’

Although Sallis and Sachs bumped into each other over the next 10 years, it wasn’t until the early 1980s, when Sallis was working as vice president of marketing with the toy company Matchbox, that they renewed their relationship.

In 1984, Sachs was ‘instrumental’ in bringing Sallis to the West Coast. Playmates, a Sachs Finley client, was looking for a vice president of marketing, and Sachs recommended Sallis for the job.

About the longtime alliance-15-plus years-between Playmates and Sachs Finley, the two companies have been ‘very good for each other,’ says Sallis. ‘We’ve been very successful. [And] when you’re successful, it’s a nice place to be.’

But Sallis’ relationship with Sachs has extended beyond business, and the two are ‘very, very close. He’s my daily call.’

‘You always have a nice, warm feeling when Jerry’s around.’

Sallis d’es not hesitate to call his longtime business acquaintance and friend successful. ‘He loves life. He loves his work. I don’t think you can be much more successful.’

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