People in New Jobs: Jean-Luc Bertin

Vice President, International Sales, Bohbot International...
April 1, 1996

Vice President, International Sales, Bohbot International

Career at a glance

- Joined MGM/UA TV Distribution and Turner International in 1986 as a technical manager in charge of all dubbing, subtitling and laboratory operations.

- Moved to the position of sales assistant and was responsible for the administration of sales to France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

- In 1989, became sales executive in charge of all French-, Italian- and Portuguese-speaking territories, which included Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and French-speaking countries in Africa. Also handled sales in France for animation, documentaries, the Goodwill Games, CNN and fiction programming.

The new job

- Appointed vice president, international sales for Bohbot International and is responsible for sales in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Latin America and South America. Will be working with Leslie Nelson, vice president and director of international sales.

The challenge

- ‘What I have to look forward to at Bohbot is a smaller catalogue but a huge [sales] area. . . . At Turner, I had a giant catalogue with hundreds of programs-everything from film to sports to animation. At Bohbot, I am looking forward to taking on many more clients and becoming part of a smaller firm that is evidently on the move.’

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