People in New Jobs-Anne Luiting

Senior Vice President of Production...
April 1, 1996

Senior Vice President of Production

Universal Family Entertainment and Universal Cartoon Studios

Career at a glance

- Joined Marvel in 1984 in a production management capacity and oversaw the animated Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies.

- In 1990, joined Warner Bros. and oversaw the production of 65 Batman episodes.

- Joined Film Roman in 1992 as vice president of production. Film Roman is responsible for the animation production of The Simpsons, The Mask, The Critic and Felix Twisted Tales.

The new job

- Appointed senior vice president of production for Universal Family Entertainment and Universal Cartoon Studios. Some of the current Universal Family Entertainment/Universal Cartoon Studios projects include Casper and Earthworm Jim.

The challenge

- ‘Younger audiences are becoming more and more sophisticated when it comes to animation and the challenge, really, is to keep each new show more innovative and appealing than the last by exploring new ground and taking advantage of yet-untapped resources. Simply by nature of what we do, the possibilities and opportunities available to us in animation are endless.’

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