People in new jobs: Pat Wyatt, President Licensing & Merchandising for Film Entertainment Group, Fox Film Entertainment Licensing & Merchandising

Career at a Glance...
February 1, 1996

Career at a Glance

- Joined Mattel Toys in 1986. Oversaw the marketing of Barbie for six years, as well as Disney’s Lion King and Aladdin.

- Moved to Applause in 1993 as senior vice president of marketing. Oversaw the marketing, design, licensing and strategic alliances for the research departments from within the company.

The New Job

- Joined Fox in January as the president of the licensing and merchandising division to handle the licensing and merchandising of theatrical releases, television and home video products. Her group is also responsible for promotions, product placement, and NewsCorp Corporation Synergy programs. This unique organization allows Fox to partner more effectively with outside companies by offering them access to the full range of tie-in opportunities available to them from the studio.

The Challenge

- ‘I want to focus on key programs that make a big difference and create a success story for everyone involved. By taking a marketing approach, I want to link together the right retailers and the right licensees and the right promotional partners so we have integrated programs that make a clear and impactful presence when they hit the marketplace.’ To contact Fox Licensing call (310) 369-1000.

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