People in new jobs: Barry S. Weiss VP animation Sony Pictures Imageworks

Career at a glance...
February 1, 1996

Career at a glance

-Undergraduate studies at Northwestern University and received a master’s degree in film from the University of Southern California.

- Production accountant at Hanna-Barbera Productions for animated television and features including Tom & Jerry Kids, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures, Aadams Family and Fish Police.

- Received a Chicago-area Emmy for outstanding achievement in children’s programming as producer of Magic Door.

- Co-producer at Turner Feature Animation. Planned and built the company’s animation facility and supervised the company’s production facilities. Co-produced Turner’s The Pagemaster and the upcoming Cats Don’t Dance.

The new job

- Appointed vice-president of Sony Pictures Imageworks new animation division with the aim of building the next generation of animation studios.

The Challenge

- ‘We want to build an environment that is artist driven. By bringing on people like Ken Ralston [a visual effects pioneer and Sony Imageworks president] Sony is sending a strong message that they recognize this is an artist-driven medium. Artists looking for a chance to build something different will be given the opportunity to cross-pollinate with a variety of Sony talent.’

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