People in New Jobs: Sander D. Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Children’s Programming for Columbia TriStar Television

Career at a Glance...
January 1, 1996

Career at a Glance

- Graduated Ohio University and Northwestern School of Law.

- Covered three entertainment guilds (SAG, AFTRA and AGMA) as a union representative and executive.

- Joined CBS in New York in 1981 as talent and program negotiator. Participated in production of specials, children’s programming and prime-time series.

- Relocated to Los Angeles in 1984 as director of business affairs, CBS Entertainment. Participated in establishment of CBS in-house children’s programming unit.

- In 1989 became senior vice president of TMS Entertainment, a major international producer and distributor of children’s animated programs. Managed Los Angeles-based operations, and production of programs for the U.S. Initiated international co-productions and international distribution of program catalogue of series and feature films.

- Four years later, appointed vice president of business affairs, Columbia Pictures Television. Participated in launch of Beakman’s World series on CBS, and the prime-time animated series The Critic for ABC.

The New Job

- Appointed senior vice president of children’s programming for Columbia TriStar Television’s (CTT) new children’s programming unit. CTT is currently preparing to produce episodes for the fourth and fifth seasons of Beakman’s World for CBS, and is the distributor of the new CBS animated series The Adventures of Hyperman, and is completing production of a prime-time Christmas special based on TriStar Television’s hit CBS sitcom The Nanny.

The Challenge

- In the crowded landscape of kids’ program producers and distributors, to develop state-of-the-art animated series and other children’s programs for networks, syndication and other children’s genres. The challenge is to create new franchises and to capitalize on Sony Pictures’ vast library of motion pictures and television products for the kids’ marketplace.

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